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Landscape Contractors Rank Commercial Grade String Trimmers

Landscape contractors have a lot of choices when it comes to their string-line grass trimmers. But according to a recent survey of Green Industry PRO readers, four brands have emerged from the pack.

Stihl tops the list with an 82% favorability rating, followed by Echo (61%), Shindaiwa (48%) and RedMax (42%). On the other hand, only 7% of survey respondents said they do not like the Stihl brand. Echo registered at 16%, while Shindaiwa and RedMax registered at 9% and 8%, respectively.

Stihl was also tops (42%) when landscapers were asked which brand they thought was the absolute best. Stihl was followed by RedMax (19%) and Echo (18%). This data helps explain why so many landscape contractors operate multiple brands of handheld equipment such as trimmers. While most contractors have developed definite likes and dislikes for certain brands, the majority are not completely sold on a given brand. Contractors often try different brands/models from one season to the next. Those decisions are strongly influenced by new product introductions, special pricing (i.e. fleet pricing) and dealer support.

Survey Results
Green Industry PRO magazine subscribers responded to a Brand Favorability survey this past winter. Below are the results of the String Trimmer section. NOTE: “Favorable Opinion” represents contractors who answered either “like them” or “they are the best”. Other options were “don’t like them” and “no opinion”.

MANTIS XP TILLER - FREE SHIPPING AND 5-YEAR WARRANTY! Brand ….. Percentage of Contractors with Favorable Opinion

Stihl ….. 82%

Echo ….. 61%

Shindaiwa ….. 48%

RedMax ….. 42%

Husqvarna ….. 25%

Kawasaki ….. 24%

Honda ….. 18%

Tanaka ….. 18%

Maruyama ….. 11%

Dolmar ….. 6%

efco ….. 4%

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