Kohler Spark Plug 14 132 11 Cross Reference

Kohler spark plug 14 132 11, 1413211, 14-132-11 cross references and replaces NGK spark plug DCPR6E, also as NGK3481 3481. Wondering what the alternative is for 14 132 11?

Fits Kohler XT675 engines.

Details about NGK DCPR6E / Kohler 14 132 11:
  • Thread diameter: 12mm
  • Thread reach: 19mm
  • Seat type: flat
  • Hex size: 16mm
  • Tip configuration: projected
  • Construction: Standard construction
  • Terminal type: Solid
NGK_DCPR6E Kohler 14 132 11
Replacement spark plug for Kohler 14 132 11. NGK DCPR6E

Also cross references / replaces:

Replacement spark plugs for NGK DCPR6E:

Brand Model
Autolite 4164
Autolite XS4164
Beck Arnley 176-5258
Brisk BR15YC
Champion RA6HC
Champion RA8GHC
Champion RA8HC
Denso 3178
Denso XU20EPR-U
Denso XU20EPRU
Honda 98069-5697Q
Mazda 1A04 18 110
Mazda 1A04-18-110
Mercruiser 33-803507
Mercury 803507
Mitsubishi MS 851 316
Mitsubishi MS 851 396
Mitsubishi MS 851 486
Mitsubishi MS851316
Mitsubishi MS851396
Mitsubishi MS851486
NGK stk 3481
Suzuki 09482-00446
Suzuki 09482-00447
Toyota 90098-70051

Kohler 14132 spark plug to Champion

Kohler spark plug 14132 to Champion

How to Find the Right Spark Plug for Your Lawn Mower: A Guide to Kohler Spark Plug 14 132 11 Cross Reference

If you own a lawn mower, you know how important it is to keep it in good shape. One of the key components of your lawn mower is the spark plug, which ignites the fuel-air mixture in the engine and provides the power to cut the grass. A faulty or worn-out spark plug can cause your lawn mower to run poorly, lose power, or even fail to start.

That’s why you need to replace your spark plug regularly, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. But how do you know which spark plug to buy? There are many different types and brands of spark plugs on the market, and they are not all compatible with your lawn mower. You need to find the right spark plug that matches your engine’s specifications and performance.

One way to do that is to use a cross reference guide. A cross reference guide is a tool that helps you find equivalent or compatible spark plugs from different brands. For example, if you have a Kohler engine on your lawn mower, you can use a Kohler spark plug cross reference guide to find out which spark plugs from other brands can work with your engine.

One of the most popular and reliable spark plugs for Kohler engines is the Kohler Spark Plug 14 132 11. This spark plug is designed to fit most Kohler engines, including the Courage, Command, Aegis, Magnum, and Triad series. It has a copper core electrode that provides better conductivity and heat dissipation. It also has a nickel alloy tip that resists fouling and corrosion. The Kohler Spark Plug 14 132 11 has a heat range of 5, which means it can withstand high temperatures and prevent pre-ignition.

But what if you can’t find the Kohler Spark Plug 14 132 11 in your local store or online? Don’t worry, there are many other spark plugs that can work with your Kohler engine.

These spark plugs have similar specifications and performance as the Kohler Spark Plug 14 132 11, and they are compatible with most Kohler engines. However, you should always check the owner’s manual of your lawn mower or consult a professional before installing a new spark plug. You should also make sure that the spark plug gap is set correctly according to your engine’s requirements.

Replacing your spark plug regularly can improve your lawn mower’s performance and extend its lifespan. By using a cross reference guide, you can easily find the right spark plug for your Kohler engine from different brands. Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety precautions when changing your spark plug. Happy mowing!