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Blower Not Blowing? How to get your engine going again.

This is the time of the year when you REALLY need your blower to clean up all of those fall leaves.  Often, blowers sit in the shed or garage for long periods of time without being used….and when you need it, it won’t start.

Most of the time, start-up issues can be resolved by putting in a new spark plug and replacing the old fuel with fresh fuel.  sure to use the correct spark plug for your application and make sure that the plug is gapped and indexed to your manufacturer’s specifications.  We will have the correct spark plug for your blower in stock at our shop.

If you still are having start-up issues or if your blower just isn’t running right, there are several other items that may be causing the problem.  First and foremost is engine compression.  Two-cycle engines are very simple, but very temperamental.  They need 100 psi of compression or more (ideally around 117 psi) to run correctly.  Two-cycle engines use engine compression to pump the fuel through the carburetor.

We will test your blower or any other two-cycle engine’s compression level for FREE at our shop.

Low engine compression usually means your blower is dead.  It is usually cost-prohibitive to fix low compression issues.  Time to buy a new blower.

If your compression is good, then the most common issue causing the problem is carburetor related.  Many times this can be resolved by installing a new carburetor kit.  Our parts department can assist you in finding the right kit for your carburetor.

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