Pick-up / Delivery Available

ProGreen Plus offers affordable pick-up and delivery options for your convenience.  Many of our competitors charge $80 each way!  We do not charge more for additional pieces of equipment.  We can pick-up your riding mower, push mower, ATV, etc. all at the same time for one low price.  Our equipment can accommodate mowers with decks as large as 54″.

We can pick-up and delivery your riding mower, commercial mower, ATV, golf cart, motorcycle, scooter, go-kart, push mower, jet ski, tiller, and more!  Let us do the dirty work for you!

White Zone Pricing (round trip)  $59.00

Red Zone Pricing (round trip)  $69.00

Blue Zone Pricing (round trip) $79.00

All other areas are charged at $79 per hour plus $.55 per mile.